Monday, May 28, 2012

On the road again: Balticon, day 5

The morning went to sleep, work, and packing, as well as a few good-byes to folks who passed by.

Then, we headed into the country--specifically, to Patrick O'Connell's wonderful Inn at Little Washington. Along the way, we stopped at a wonderful ice cream shop so new its name was not yet over its door, so I cannot report it here. (I am trying to get it.) The owner makes all his own ice cream and frozen yogurt entirely from local ingredients, and every flavor I tasted was intense and wonderful. I wish him the best.

The Inn is related to a project I'm not yet ready to announce, but it is also simply an exemplar of hospitality and service. The dinner at the kitchen table was as reliably amazing as always. If I ever become an insanely rich bestselling multimillionaire writer, I will go to the Inn to hide away and write.

Work beckons now, so I must go to it.

Tomorrow, the drive home.

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