Sunday, May 27, 2012

On the road again: Balticon, day 4

I worked late last night but was able to sleep late this morning, so I awoke feeling far less sleepy than usual. After a little morning work and a shower, the first order of con business for the day was the Liars Panel.

Sunday at noon is not a great time for this particular panel, which demands both energy and money of the audience, but it was the slot we had. The audience was far smaller than usual, but we kept everyone entertained and laughing for an entire hour. When we finished, we'd raised a couple hundred bucks for Balticon's books-for-kids charity, which is a good thing.

After counting and delivering the money, I had time for a quick bit of lunch from the hotel's snack cart before I had to go to my next panel.

In this one, the Xenoarchaeology Road Show, we four panelists had to guess what future archaeologists will make of 20th century objects? We analyzed a wide variety of things, and the results were pretty funny. Both panel and audience had a good time.

A small group of us headed straightaway to the large movie theater across the street, where we caught a 3:50 show of Men In Black 3. I'll write about the movie in a separate entry someday soon, but I have to share with you the delicious snack that I and Kyle, against his better judgment, tried: the hot dog sliders, with extra cheese sauce.

As always, click on the image to see a larger version.

Yeah, that's some healthy eating for you.

Dinner, by contrast, was a meal both far more unusual and far better than these tubular sliders--which were, I hasten to add, rather tasty. Of course, I've had only good meals at Pazo, a perennial Baltimore favorite. We shared multiple small plates and several desserts, and every single item was delicious. I'll definitely head back to Pazo on my next visit here. And now, to work!

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