Sunday, May 27, 2012

On the road again: Balticon, day 3

This morning arrived entirely too soon for my taste, but it brought something fun:  an early lunch and good conversation with friends Eric, Rebecca, and Kim. 

From the moment we hit the hotel afterward, however, I was rushing to gather the giveaways for the Baen presentation, set up for that slide show, and then present it.  We filled the room, looked at many images of covers and the original art for them, and gave away a bunch of books.  As friends were tearing down the presentation, I signed some books and talked with folks until we had to surrender the room. 

After ditching the laptop and other gear back in the room, I finally had time to check out the dealer's room and the art show.  I didn't make any purchases--this was my first pass--but I did see some attractive books that are tempting me.  This visit, though, also revealed my greatest sadness of the trip:  no dealer at the con was able to get any copies of No Going Back.  I've heard from multiple people that Amazon claims to have shipped copies for arrival on Tuesday, the book's official release date, but according to one bookseller and friend, there were no copies in the Ingram warehouse and none in their Simon & Schuster shipment of June titles.  This is really a bummer, and now I am worried that the book will ship late enough to simply disappear without a trace.  I sure hope that doesn't happen.

After hanging signs to entice people to attend tomorrow's Liars' Panel, I did a short reading.  At first only three people showed up, and two were friends, but a few minutes later, a bunch more folks arrived.  By the end, I had more than a dozen.  I think the selections went over well, but of course it's hard to tell.

After a very short break, I moved to my last panel of the day, one on collaborative writing.  With half a dozen people on the panel and maybe fifteen in the audience, it was frequently one of those odd, lurching con affairs where everyone is involved, but in the end I think it came off okay.

The UFC held a major fight card tonight, so after the panel we left with Kyle and spent the evening with him watching the fights and eating delicious Indian food.  It was an entertaining and relaxing time. 

During all the gaps in the action today, I worked, so I ended Saturday not behind on PT work and no worse off on my personal projects than I began it. 

All in all, a good day. 

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