Thursday, May 24, 2012

On the road again: Balticon, day 1

The convention actually starts tomorrow, but we drove up today so that I would be certain to be here in time to meet all of my Friday obligations at the con.  "What obligations?" you might well ask.  Here's what I'll be doing this weekend. If you're at the con, please drop by one or more of these and say hi. 

Friday, 5:00, Chase, panelist, Early Favorite Authors 

The con's instructions are for us to talk about the writers we read and valued most when we were young, the ones who influenced our literary preferences and our writing. I'm sure we'll do some of that.  If past experience is any guide, we'll also end up wandering into other, related topics.  It should be an interesting time. 

Friday, 9:00, Valley Ballroom, Master of Ceremonies, Opening Ceremonies

I'll be that guy standing at the mic, introducing a lot of people and telling stories and bad jokes any time the tech crew or the backstage team need me to buy them some time.  One of the coolest parts of Balticon's opening ceremonies is the awarding of the Compton Crook Award for best first SF or fantasy novel.  I had the privilege of winning that award in 2008 for One Jump Ahead, and I look forward to seeing who grabs this year's.  As a special treat, the con is celebrating the 30th anniversary of the award by having multiple past winners attend and speak.  That makes this event a great chance to listen to and, afterward, meet a bunch of cool writers.

Saturday, 12:30, Garden Room, moderator, Baen Travelling Slideshow

See slides of cover paintings before and after they turn (via the artistry of Baen's cover designers) into covers!  Hear inside scoop from me!  Win free cool stuff from Baen!

What's not to like?

Saturday, 4:00, Pimlico, reading 

If enough folks show up, I'll do the first public reading of bits from No Going Back.  If not enough folks show up, God only knows what I might do alone in a hotel meeting room without adult supervision.  All I can say is that I hope the next occupant of the room brings a broom, some friends to remove the broken gear, and something to clean up messes. 

Saturday, 5:00, Salon B, panelist, Collaborative Writing

We're supposed to talk about the joys and agonies of co-authoring work.  I've done a few stories and one book with others, and I've edited two books with collaborators, so I can bring a little relevant experience to bear on the topic.  Not that possessing relevant experience has ever been a requirement for me to talk.  If they decide at the last minute to turn the panel into a gathering to discuss the dangers of man-dolphin sex, well, I'll find a way to talk about that one, too.  Or not.  You never know. 

Sunday, Noon, Garden Room, moderator, Liars Panel

Grab a lot of dollar bills, and head over to this panel.  Watch four of us tell outrageous stories--most of which will be true.  Challenge the ones you think are lies; if you catch us, we pay ten bucks.  If you're wrong, you pay one measly buck.  All the money goes to buy books for kids who can't afford them.

You will laugh your ass off for an hour, and you will help a bunch of kids. 

Do not miss this one.

Sunday, 2:00, Salon A, panelist, Xenoarchaeology Road Show 

Speaking of laughing your ass off, if you're in the mood to keep the good times rolling, come to Salon A and watch as Guest of Honor Jody Lynn Nye and I, along with three other panelists (John Hemry, Christina Ellis, and Grig Larson), examine strange objects from the perspective of archaeologists five hundred years in the future.  The audience will bring some of those objects, and we'll provide others.  It should be a blast.

If you're at the con and can't make any of these, catch me in the dealer's room or the art show and say hi anyway.  If you don't know me and are nervous about meeting me, I can tell you that nothing warms a writer more than someone with a stack of books for autographing.  Seriously, though, no purchases are necessary; just come by and say hello. 

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