Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Another chance to win free books!
New Web site design!
Much e-stuff happening!

Today is a big online day for me.

First, over at Baen's Web site, Publisher Toni is hosting a contest to see which of two book trailers people prefer.  The cool part for me is that both trailers are for No Going Back! To help influence the types of trailers people produce for books, all you have to do is go there, watch both, and then vote for the one you prefer.  After you vote, email Baen--instructions are on that page--and they'll enter you in a drawing to win a signed hardcover first edition of No Going Back plus five free Baen ebooks.  So, you can have a good time watching two nifty trailers, and you might win cool stuff in the bargain.

Next, if you check out my home page, where you can also watch those trailers, you'll notice that we've completely redesigned the site.  By "we," of course, I mean that I provided input and designer Jennie Faries did all the hard work.  The new site is easier to use and more up-to-date, plus it provides information not previously available:  easy links to my upcoming appearances, and the first complete list of my published short fiction.  Thanks, Jennie!

If the art at the top of each page--including this one--looks familiar, that's because it's a sample from the background of the cover of Jump Gate Twist, my omnibus collection of the first two Jon & Lobo novels and a bunch of other neat material.  John Picacio, friend and artist extraordinaire, who did both that cover and the amazing cover to No Going Back, was gracious enough to give us permission to use the art on the site.  Thanks, John!

Finally, you may also notice that every page of the site gives you easy access, via the familiar icons, to the blog, the RSS feed for the blog, Facebook, and Twitter.  Yes, I'm not only on Facebook, I'm also now on Twitter.  I haven't really started using either yet, but give me time; I will.

Oh, yeah:  A week from today, No Going Back hits the bookstores!  I'm psyched to see it.


Anonymous said...

I thought the cool website art looked familiar - I'm re-reading the omnibus now (plus the other 2) to prepare for the new book. :-)

Question: Are the "trailers" spoiler-ish? If "yes," I won't watch them. I spoiled Children No More for myself by reading a page that had flopped open on its own - never again!

Thanks for creating such wonderful characters, and for making a difference in the real world with the donations from the last book.

I'll be visiting my local bookseller next week to purchase No Going Back. Can't wait!

Mark said...

I don't believe the trailers give away anything more than what the dustjacket says (which is on Amazon) and the first page of the book. So, they should be safe to read.

Thanks for the support!


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