Monday, May 21, 2012

James Bond returns

this year in Skyfall, and I am irrationally excited about seeing it.  I am a huge Bond fan and have seen all the films at least three times each--yes, even the bad Roger Moore ones (and they were terrible).  Daniel Craig is either the best or the second-best Bond, so it's going to be great to watch him again.

All of this is relevant because now, we can see a teaser trailer for the film.



Michelle said...

I am also excited for the new Bond movie to come out, but you are wrong about Moore. I think Sean Connery was the best Bond ever, no discussion. I concede that I am not the Daniel Craig fan you are, but Moonraker was good as was Live and Let Die. And Timothy Dalton was a fine looking James Bond as well, although I don't think his version was very good. And, poor George comes in last. So, don't be hating Roger!

Mark said...

The race is definitely between Connery and Craig. Lazenby kicks Moore's butt.

Michelle said...

You are wrong. Simply wrong.


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