Saturday, April 21, 2012

Your chance to make me do silly things in public

At this year's Balticon, I will once again be leading the Liars' Panel. The panel is a fund-raiser for Balticon's literacy charity. It works like this:

• I’ll ask ten questions (time permitting).

• The panelists have seen the questions in advance.

• Each panelist will answer each question.

• Three of each panelist’s answers will be lies--though if we don't get to all ten questions, you may not hear three lies from each of us. I have no way to know if you will.

• No one else knows which answers are lies; even I don’t. We have not shared our answers with each other.

• After an answer, I’ll ask if there are any challenges.

• Each person who wants to challenge may do so by holding up a hand with a dollar in it. Panelists may challenge each other.

• If the answer was a lie, the panelist puts $10 in the bucket.

• If the answer was the truth, each challenger must put $1 in the bucket.
When it works well, the panel is screamingly funny, everyone laughs, lots of people make challenges, and we raise a bunch of dough to help kids get books.

Two ingredients are essential to the panel working well: Panelists who can be funny in a short time, and great questions.

We have the first.

Which brings me to your opportunity: We need good questions. The ideal questions let the panelists tell interesting stories from their pasts--or interesting lies.

A few questions that have worked well:
• What's the weirdest gift you've ever received?

• What's the oddest purchase you've ever made?

• What talent do you have that few would suspect?
You get the idea.

If you'd like to make me deal with embarrassing questions in front of a large audience, send me some questions. I won't guarantee to use them, and I definitely won't promise whether I'll answer them truthfully, but the best of the best are likely to find their way into the Balticon Liars' Panel.

Fire away!


Anonymous said...

what is the biggest mistake you ever made?

Mark said...

Excellent question! Thank you.

Michelle said...

What is the most embarrassing thing you have ever been caught doing in public?

Mark said...

Good one, Michelle.


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