Sunday, April 15, 2012

On the road again: Portland, day 1

The word of the day is "delay."

After a completely unsatisfying two hours of sleep, I showered, drove to the airport, went to my gate, and...waited. This delay was small, maybe 15 minutes in all, but it set the tone for the day.

After a long wait and a gate change in DFW, I went to my new gate, looked at the departure time, queued up, and...waited. This time, the wait started out at 20 minutes and grew to being over an hour.

When we finally reached Portland, we taxied partway to the terminal and stopped suddenly; our gate was occupied. So, we waited another 15 minutes on the runway.

Despite the many delays, I can't otherwise complain about the flights. I even got upgrades on both legs, so I was luckier than on many trips.

Dinner was a shared cheese plate and a delicious veal breast with buttermilk spaetzle at the always good Little Bird. One of my three "must-eat" places in Portland, Little Bird is the second restaurant from Gabriel Rucker and just a fun and delicious place to go.

Tomorrow, work begins here, but tonight, ah tonight I sleep.

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