Wednesday, April 18, 2012

On the road again: Portland, day 4

Rain has been our almost constant companion this week, and today was another gray, drizzly day. Even so, the city and countryside are lovely.

As usual, the day went to work, so I can't comment on any of it.

Dinner was at Castagna, which is now, for my money, one of the top two or three restaurants in this city. Its Web site defines the place as follows:

Castagna is where modern sensibility meets natural ingredients for a sensory experience that defines a new Northwest cuisine.
The definition is apt. Each dish mixes the latest food techniques with a strong emphasis on local and natural ingredients. Tonight's meal was absolutely delicious and delightful, with each course providing a few small bites that were always both tasty and a bit surprising. I would never have ordered a beet chip on my own, for example, but the one I had was amazingly good.

I recommend Castagna highly.

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