Saturday, January 21, 2012

On the road again: Chattacon, day 3

We got up earlier than I would have liked so that we could catch the slide show of my pal, John Picacio, on his recent artwork. I've seen and enjoyed his show on several occasions. He makes it different each time, so I always learn new things. This one focused on his work for the George R.R. Martin Game of Thrones 2012 calendar, but it also included several other pieces and ended with his cover for No Going Back.

After a quick turn through the art show, we grabbed lunch, and then it was time for three hours of con work.

The first panel focused on questions about story length, such as whether some stories have a natural length, how we as writers choose the length for a piece, and so on. In the middle of it, I had to run to the room next door to talk for a bit at Toni's Baen Traveling Slide Show presentation.

My second panel's topic was technology and writing. Only one other panelist, John Hartness, showed up, and he proved to be a fun fellow, so we basically riffed all over the topic for an hour.

From there, I walked to the autograph area, plopped into a chair, and prepared myself for embarrassment. Fortunately, multiple folks brought me books to sign, so I wasn't sitting alone for much of the hour.

After more time in the art show and a snack, I focused on work for a bit.

Dinner was with a small group at a local Greek place, after which we crawled the con parties for quite a while.

Vampi requested in a comment that I post a photo of the light-up gloves. This one doesn't do them justice--my iPhone's camera couldn't really handle the strobing, multicolored light, but it is a great picture of Publisher Toni being silly in her Moon Princess tiara at her fun DeepSouthCon party.

(Click on it to see a bigger image.)

As the evening turned late, I headed back to work and then to sleep.


Anonymous said...

Thanks, pal. Hope you guys had a safe trip back.--Toni

Mark said...

I think it's an awesome photo!

vampi said...

those gloves are epic!

thanks Publisher Toni for modeling them :)


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