Saturday, October 29, 2011

On the road again: a long trip, day 4
World Fantasy Con, San Diego, day 4

This is the con my sickness ate.

I hate it.

Each night when I go to sleep, I think that I will wake up in the morning having turned the corner toward good health.

Each morning, I wake up worse.

This morning was no exception. I saw every hour last night with a mixture of drainage and fever. It sucks.

Nonetheless, I decided I would keep all of my day's commitments. So, I got up early to take advantage of a gracious invitation from the redoubtable Bill Schafer of Subterranean Press to join the annual WFC breakfast. I was moving slowly, however, and so ended up arriving over an hour late. I apologized to Bill and moved on.

A few of us ate breakfast at another table, but I couldn't handle much. My sinuses were draining wildly, and my fever was spiking. I went to Dave's panel on krakens from the deep, but after stewing in my fever sweat and sinus drainage for an hour, I headed back to the room in defeat. Eventually, I ended up canceling a dinner I had very much wanted to attend. Aside from about two hours outside this morning, I will have spent the whole day in my room.

As I said, this sucks.

Today, though, has, I believe, brought the right combination of treatments to let me get better: antibiotics from the doctor for the sinus infection, Benadryl to stop the insane amount of drainage, and aspirin for the fever. (Don't suggest ibuprofen; I can't take it.) I am still measly, but this time I am confident: I will wake up feeling better tomorrow.

That's good, because I am going to the WFC banquet.

For now, though, I'll go back to stewing and feeling lousy.


Kyle said...

Sorry, man. Get well soon!

Mark said...

I am working on it, but progress is slow. This is like a full-on system crash with a painfully slow reboot.


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