Sunday, October 30, 2011

On the road again: a long trip, day 5
World Fantasy Con, San Diego, day 5

Today was not a good day, but today was, finally, the day I was expecting: I awoke feeling marginally better than when I went to sleep. I still have the fever and the draining and the coughing and the chapped nose and the raw lips, but I am ever so slightly better--or, at least, I believe I am--than when I crawled into bed. Plus, I did not wake up every single hour, a great treat.

My one con activity of the day was the awards banquet, which I did not want to miss. The food may have been the worst WFC banquet food ever, which is saying something. My entree, the inappropriately named tri-tips, looked and tasted roughly like what you'd expect if a pair of Shaquille O'Neal's dress shoes were chewed up and then spit out by the aliens from Attack the Block. By comparison, the paste-like mashed potatoes supporting them were miracles of culinary achievement.

Still, I am on the mend, and though the banquet left me shaking and exhausted, that is good news indeed.

Tomorrow, we head to another city.

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