Friday, September 2, 2011

On the road again: Dragon*Con, Atlanta, day 2

Though I had hoped to be offline today, I ended up having to devote most of the daylight hours to working in my room.

When I finally was able to get to the con, first stop was a hotel food cart for a nutritious lunch of hot dogs and Diet Coke--classic con food.

Then, the dealers' rooms.

Like the rest of the con, they were large, but no larger than a WorldCon dealers' room. The variety was interesting, as was the small presence of books: only two actual SF book dealers.

We roamed around quite a bit, talked to some folks, and ended up catching one of the odder events to be at any SF con I've attended: wrestling. I had to share with you a picture of this extreme match, which featured a trash can, a cookie tray, and a broom.

The art show mixed traditional art-show panels with booths in which the artists were personally selling their creations. The variety was good, as was the overall quality. As I'd expected, most of the art was, I believe, over-priced, so very little of it had bids, but I still enjoyed seeing it.

Dinner was at a restaurant in the hotel. The food was all at least tasty and sometimes quite good, so the meal was a better than I expected experience.

The people watching here remains stupendous. So many folks in so many different costumes are wandering the halls and cramming the lobbies that you can have a great time just looking around.

My favorite odd moment of late last night occurred deep in the night as I was heading back from the ice machine. Another guy was walking toward it. He was wearing only very short shorts and a diver's mask. The mask was loose around his neck, as if he'd just pulled it down.

I didn't ask. Sometimes, mystery is better than any answer.


J. Griffin Barber said...

Let's here it for mystery.

Michelle said...

I wondered where he went. Thanks for keeping tabs my date. Just for the record, I was Capt. Nemo and he was looking for the Nautilus. He left his full diving suit in the room. Mystery solved.

Mark said...

Thanks for resolving the mystery. I feel better knowing that he a warm home awaiting him.

Anonymous said...

Um, have you figured out that you've only seen ONE of the Dragoncon dealer rooms?--Toni

Mark said...

Yes, I went to both.


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