Thursday, September 1, 2011

On the road again: Dragon*Con, Atlanta, day 1

Wow, is this con big. It isn't in full swing, there's been almost no programming, all I've done is register and wander a bit, and yet I am already amazed at its size. A big WorldCon these days draws about four thousand attendees; Dragon*Con will have ten to eleven times as many folks here. That's big.

Other observations from this very tiring day:

Work demands made my departure only 2.5 hours later than I planned. I should start thinking of that as the new norm.

Seven hours in a car is a long drive, but I didn't do most of the driving and so was able to keep up with most email via 3G.

A Shoney's in South Carolina made a so-so milkshake, but the walls of stuff for sale were amazing. I should have taken pictures. The sign reading "Shalom" right next to the stuffed bear and the pictures of the local police force were particularly charming.

The Metro Cafe serves completely serviceable food.

The energy here is amazing, the way SF fandom used to be twenty or more years ago--but on a bigger scale than SF fandom ever managed. Or maybe this is just the evolution of SF fandom; I like to think so but then wish books were more important.

A good 20% of the attendees appear as old as the fans at most SF cons, but the rest do appear younger.

Costumes are everywhere and, yes, the stories are true: lots of very attractive women in sexy costumes are roaming the halls.

Every single staffer I've encountered has been amazingly nice and helpful.

John Ringo is currently alone tomorrow on a panel called "Liberals in Space." Wow.

I'm so tired I'm almost punch-drunk, so I'm signing off.

Tomorrow, I hope to sleep late and see a lot of the con (and magically keep up on work).



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