Thursday, April 21, 2011

Zely & Ritz

In an unusual weekend choice, we decided to sample the two Eno Hospitality Group restaurants back to back. So, Saturday night we headed to Zely & Ritz.

We ate our way through a good chunk of the menu. Overall, the meal was good but decidedly uneven. The risotto with oxtail, for example, was rich and strong, but the vegetarian risotto was bland and made several at our table yearn for a salt shaker. The mussels were excellent, but the pork belly and the potatoes on the plate with it were both overcooked. The pork loin was tasty but not as tender as it should have been. The asparagus spears were lovely, but the grit cakes with them were bland and mushy.

Three of the four desserts our group shared were strong and generally raised the batting average of the meal.

The restaurant was operating shorthanded, so perhaps that's the source of the unevenness we experienced. Regardless, I like the place and the people who operate it, so I'll go back, but not for a while.

In the battle of the siblings, Zely & Ritz came up short. The victory clearly goes to Piedmont.

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