Tuesday, April 19, 2011

The Mr. Poor Choices t-shirt design

I've mentioned before that we'll be selling shirts at Balticon for this show and, as usual, donating all the profit to Balticon's reading charity. Thanks to Jennie, who designed the previous two shirts, I can now show you what the designs on the shirt will be. (We won't have the shirts themselves for several weeks.)

As with the previous two show shirts, we're going with a nice heavy black basic t-shirt, because everyone can wear black. The front will continue the tradition of having a very basic design over the heart.

It obviously won't look like a box on the black background of the shirt, so work with me.

The back will be a lot more fun.

Every poor choice on it is either something I've done (the ones with check marks) or from the show.

To understand them, come to the show.

I don't know yet what we'll be charging for the shirts, because I don't know yet what they will cost. As soon as we have the shirts in hand and know the price, I'll post full shirt photos and pricing here. If you want one of these shirts, you have two options:

1) Come to the show at Balticon and buy it there.

2) Preorder.

At the show, we'll take only cash, so please come prepared.

For pre-ordering, please wait until you see pictures of the shirts here, then contact me via the form on the site. You'll need to pay the shipping postage plus the cost of the shirt; we'll pack and mail them for free.

I think they'll be a lot of fun, and they're certain to be conversation starters in almost any group!


Michelle said...

What, pray tell, is the Duck of Doom? Please enlighten us.

Mark said...

That would be telling, alas. I'll explain in the show.


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