Saturday, October 30, 2010

On the road again: World Fantasy Con, Columbus, day 4

I didn't finish my work last night until nearly five in the morning, but I was able to sleep late and so woke up feeling okay. Lunch was again at the North Market, where this time I tried a hot Italian sandwich that was, unfortunately, only so-so. No matter, though, because an orchid vanilla ice cream cookie from Jeni's fixed me right up.

After a pass through the art show and the dealer's room, it was time for my panel on Thorne Smith. The five of us on the panel and quite a few audience members conducted a reasonably lively discussion of this largely forgotten fantasist who was a bestselling writer in his day. If you don't know his work, I recommend starting with The Night Life of the Gods.

Baen Senior Editor and friend, Jim Minz, treated a dozen of us to a very nice Italian dinner at Rigsby's Kitchen and then to dessert at the shop right across the street. Yes, you guessed it: another Jeni's.

The bulk of the rest of the evening went to the Artist's Reception and a few parties, notably Tor's.

A pleasant enough day, all in all, but now one in which I must return to work.


Michelle said...

I have to admit, after hearing so much about Jeni's ice cream, it almost makes me want to live in Columbus, Ohio. Almost.

Mark said...

Though I've liked the town well enough, and though I love the ice cream, I'd prefer to stay in Raleigh and pay to have them ship me the ice cream. It is mighty darn good, though.


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