Sunday, September 19, 2010

A friend's songs

Earlier tonight, my friend, Eric, held his belated birthday party. As part of it, he sang some songs as his regular accompanist, Sue, performed the piano part. All of the pieces were humorous, and he did a very good job with them. We all laughed a lot, applauded, and generally had a good time listening. I'm glad he sang them.

As the party was moving to the eating stage, I was struck that in a far broader sense we are all listening regularly to the songs of our friends: the ups and downs of their lives, the mostly level days between, the incidental notes of small, friendly contacts. I'm lucky enough to have a group of friends who have been hanging out together for a very long time now, with newer folks occasionally joining and even more occasionally staying. Dealing with each other is, of course, annoying from time to time--I know I'm not the easiest friend to have--but in the end, sharing the world with friends is one of life's greatest treats.

So, Eric, I have to thank you not only for the party and for over three decades of friendship, but also for this reminder of how much friends matter.

On a related note, I must brag again on my daughter. Read this recent piece of Sarah's, and you'll know I'm right to be proud. Damn.

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