Thursday, September 23, 2010

Radio Boy

Today, the fine folks at The State of Things on WUNC-FM, a local PBS affiliate, were kind enough to have me on their show. Producer Alex Granados did the initial prep work with me and managed to make the multiple phone calls and email threads as fun as they reasonably could be. Host Frank Stasio was as nice and caring and skilled as frequent listeners would expect him to be. So, I was prepared when I arrived, the show went smoothly, and I had a good time doing it.

I appeared on two segments. On the first, we talked about Children No More and some of my own related childhood experiences. You can listen to that one here.

After a break, professors Michael Struett (North Carolina State University) and Stephen W. Smith (Duke University) joined us in the studio for a discussion of child soldiers today. (You can hear it here.) Each brought a different perspective to the discussion, which ranged from the International Criminal Court to experiences with African child soldiers. Frank did a good job of involving all of us, and I enjoyed listening to Michael and Stephen.

Many folks have asked me how I thought the show went. The truth is that I have no clue. I enjoyed it while I was doing it, but I don't know how I sounded, and I don't have the time (or inclination, truth to tell) to go back and listen to myself. So, I'm afraid you guys will have to tell me.


Michelle said...

You did an excellent job. Be proud that you are getting the word out about this deplorable children soldier situation. In the second interview, the other speakers were very interesting as well, although it seemed that one them was almost defending the practice. Although, he did backtrack a bit and clarify. Thank you for putting the link on your blog.
By the way, the word verification for this entry is tihhttsh. Just had to laugh.

Mark said...

Thanks for the kind words.


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