Sunday, August 22, 2010

On the road again: Austin, day 1

Business brings me again to a city I quite like, but, wow, is it hot here. The high temperature every day I will be in Austin will be over a hundred. Fortunately, air conditioning is everywhere.

Sunday is the key day I try to catch up a bit on sleep, but not today; this morning, I was up before eight for an unusually long day of flying. Austin via Chicago is just not as quick as Austin via DFW, but that was the best route I could find given all my criteria.

After much driving and working, though, came a glorious evening double-header: barbecue dinner at The County Line By the Lake, then dessert at the Amy's Ice Creams at the Arboretum.

Check out this vision of loveliness.

Ignore the sides and focus on the beef rib, the brisket, and, barely visible under the rib, the sausage. We are talking seriously good eating.

God bless Texas, indeed!

The IQ-enhancing powers of barbecue and ice cream had my brain soaring.

After an Amy's small (six ounce; this is Texas) cup of half dark chocolate and half cinnamon, I wandered over to the nearby Barnes & Noble. The store had all my novels and Jump Gate Twist on the shelves, so I signed stock and explained about the Children No More charity program.

I could gripe about having to work late, but whining about any evening with all of the above wonders would be downright ungracious, so I will return to my tasks happily, barbecue and ice cream still with me.


Bill said...

We've got some good barbeque in Houston, too. You ought to come down our way sometime. I'll admit the scenery isn't as beautiful as it is in Austin, but we make up for it with more traffic jams and some of the worst air quality in the nation!

J. Griffin Barber said...

And I believe Armadillocon is right next door. Rober Bennett is appearing...

Mark said...

Bill, I would love to come there, and as soon as business or a con brings me there, you can be sure I'll be exploring the barbecue.

Mark said...

Alas, Griffin, I must head home Wednesday so I can help move Sarah back to college on Thursday.


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