Wednesday, August 25, 2010

On the road again: Austin, day 4

Today was one of those unfortunate travel days that began early. I do not like seeing six-anything on my bedside clock, but I saw that this morning.

Fortunately, the travel was largely uneventful. I say "largely" because DFW likes to mess with me; I swear it does. I arrived at gate C27 (or so) facing a three-hour break between flights. No problem: off to the Admirals Club I went to work. The big board told me my flight would be out of gate A23, right opposite the A terminal's club, so I headed there. "What could be easier?" the nice woman at the welcome desk said to me as she confirmed my departure gate.

Fifty minutes before departure, they moved my gate: to C31.

As I said, DFW likes to mess with me.

As I was settling down with a glass of water and a glass of Diet Coke, I overheard this wonderful whispered exchange between a couple as they were packing up to leave. Relevant to the exchange is the fact that the woman was quite busty.

Her: Does this bra make my tits look too big?

Him: Huh?

Her: You heard me: does it make my tits look too big?

Him: Is that possible?

Her: Asshole.
At that point, she sighed, shook her head, and gave up.

He stood there staring into space, his mouth open, trying to figure out what he'd done wrong, and then he followed her out of the club.

Tonight was the last night home for Sarah before she returns to Duke, so we celebrated with the meal of her choice, dessert, and her film selection: The Boat That Rocked. She and I both love that movie. It makes me so happy. If you haven't seen it, you really must.

Speaking of musts, I must return to settling back into home.

Tomorrow morning, we help her move into her dorm.


Todd said...

Brilliant exchange.

Mark said...

It really cracked me up.

J. Griffin Barber said...

The man's a genius! I'd have applauded his incredible mental acuity.

Mark said...

From my male perspective, it is hard to argue with you, Griffin.


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