Wednesday, June 9, 2010

The usual unusual at my house

Sometimes I forget that not every house and family run the way we do.

Here, courtesy again of Gina, are two photos from right before they opened the doors at the Blue Rodeo concert the other night.

In this first happy snap, Sarah and I are fighting the earwigs that are attempting to burrow into our brains. Though I realize it may not look that way, we are winning.

Unfortunately, though we were ultimately able to repel the alien invaders, one managed to draw the lower half of Sarah's head partway through a pan-dimensional wormhole into an anime universe, leaving her looking like this for much of the evening. Fanboys were swooning all around.

Sarah recovered in time to write her weekly prose blog entry, this time one that had to be 30 words long and include "hawk." Check out this lovely paean to her brother. Scott is so proud.

Don't forget to play the song Sarah embedded--but not at work, and not around kids. (Really.)

As Sarah and I observed as we were listening to this tune from within The U of Power, the benefits of a Duke education are already becoming apparent.


J. Griffin Barber said...

Damn, but I needs me some shots!

Ticia said...

It's no fun if you can't make the pictures ginormous when you click on them. :)

Mark said...

Of course you do, Griffin! Who doesn't? (Well, I don't drink, so I suppose I don't.)

Mark said...

But you can, Ticia, in at least three browsers I tried.


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