Thursday, June 10, 2010

Get Him To the Greek

I know what you're thinking: He really will go see any movie. In this case, that reaction is completely understandable, because the trailer made this one look pretty formulaic and dull.

It wasn't.

All of us who went enjoyed it at least a fair amount, and several of us liked it quite a bit. Two things elevated it beyond others of its ilk: Russell Brand, and an ongoing inventiveness that kept it just a tad off the track that similar comedies have beaten to death.

Whether he was clowning it up, chewing the scenery, or providing the odd serious moment, Russell Brand was mesmerizing. At first a clown, he ultimately became a much more complex, disturbing, and very disturbed character. I'd watch the film again just for him.

Though the basic trajectory of the movie was one you've seen before, it really did follow an odd, winding path along that route. For ten minutes or so at a stretch, it would behave as you expected, and then something endearingly or tragically odd would occur.

My favorite line (which I am quoting from memory and so may have slightly wrong): "When life slips you a Jeffrey, stroke the furry wall."

Trust me: It will make sense after you've seen the movie.

Though I didn't expect to say this, I recommend you check it out.


Todd said...

I thought the movie was both original and entertaining.

And yes, I've ordered my own furry wall.

See you with a Jeffery,


Mark said...

I definitely need a furry wall.

Todd said...

Mark said...



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