Friday, May 21, 2010

Remember that big announcement I promised?

No, I can't make it yet, but very soon--this coming week, I hope.

I'm excited.

More soon.


Ticia said...

You are a horrible tease!

Todd said...

Finally got that hotdog chair, eh?

Mark said...

Tease? Moi? Never.

Mark said...

Dammit, Todd, now you've ruined my surprise...or not.

I promise you that if I ever get that chair--or even one of its hot dog components--a picture will appear on this blog as fast as I can get it there.

mimi said...

Did they finally realize Jon and Lobo need to be on the big screen?

Mark said...

No. I wish it were that big, but it's not. Come to think of it, it could be big only to me. Dunno. You'll know soon.


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