Sunday, May 16, 2010

Bacon camp

Just the name is enough to give you goosebumps, isn't it?

Kyle tipped me to this event, which occurred recently in, of all places, San Francisco. You can read more about it on its home page or in this fine and heavily illustrated article in Asylum.

In the immortal words of LOLcats: WANT!

Wow, would that be fun to attend! Among other benefits, it would allow me to explore that timeless question: Can there be too much bacon? (I think not, but one never knows.) Plus, it would let me try the bacone, made famous not only in that article but also in the fine book, This Is Why You're Fat. How could anyone not love a cone made of bacon stuffed with scrambled eggs and country gravy, then topped with a biscuit? Or the Bacon Camp winner, the chicken-fried bacon sausage?

Of course, there is always the dark side to consider. If I attended Bacon Camp and then went shopping at the local Wally World, I fear I might end up being this guy.

Maybe it is possible to have too much bacon.


mimi said...

I love bacon as much as the next gal. But really, can one eat that thing. Oh,is that really a guy?

Mark said...

I think I could eat it.

J. Griffin Barber said...

That foto is of, at best, an Androgynous Pat, Mark.

SF is also home to Pirate Cat Radio & Cafe, punk central and otherwise vegan establishment that also serves bacon-flavored coffee that is outrageously good. It is made from rendered bacon fat and, of course, coffee.

Just another weirdness of the People's Republic of SF.

On the one ham, I could be a vegetarian until I smelled bacon frying. On the other ham, I could eat just bacon every day.


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