Saturday, April 17, 2010

Why so much?

A lot of folks ask me why I stay so busy, sleep so little, maintain the pace I do, and so on. Some then say that they think it's because I must like being so tired, or that I crave the adrenaline rush, or that in some way I must love this pace. I've thought a lot about this question, and I think I understand the answer.

It's not that I love the pace. I don't. I'm fed up with the stress and the fatigue and all that those things cost me.

What I love is all the stuff I get to do. I love growing a company and working with technology. I love writing. I love the Jon and Lobo series, but I also want to do the thriller. The new Lobo story was fun to write. Doing The Wild Side is a hoot, and I'm getting to meet and work with these amazing women writers I would not normally know. I read and watch movies and watch DVDs of select TV shows and follow MMA because they're all so interesting. I go to great restaurants because I love food. I love working out and running and being at the beach and traveling.

The world is one great big ball of shiny, and I just can't get enough of it.

That is what's worth the cost. That is what I'm addicted to.

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