Friday, April 16, 2010

Two new albums you should pre-order

I'm excited about both of these CDs, and I recommend you start planning now to listen to them.

The first is The Hold Steady's Heaven Is Whenever, which is due on May 4. I've praised this band before and seen them live twice; you don't want to miss them if they come near you. The little I've heard from this CD is wonderful.

For example, check out "Hurricane J," the first single from the album.

For Sarah's take on this album and band, go here.

The other upcoming must-have CD is The Gaslight Anthem's American Slang. You have to wait until June 15 for this one, but from the little I've heard, it'll be worth the wait.

Want a sample? Check out the title track.

I've never seen these guys live, but the first chance I get, I will.

Loud rock late at night. I'll always love it.


mimi said...

Sarah is her fathers daughter. It's so unusual for a daughter her age to see things so closley to her fathers views. It's quite refreshing. I see why your so proud of her. BTW she's beautiful.

Mark said...

Thanks for the kind words. She's introduced me to a lot of good music, and I've shown her a little, as well.


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