Thursday, April 15, 2010

Fun facts about Jump Gate Twist

You won't be able to buy the book until July, but I've now reviewed the page proofs, seen the cover text, and am basically done with it. So, I thought a few fun facts about it might amuse you--and explain why this is a must-have volume even if you already own the first two Jon & Lobo novels.

It has an awesome John Picacio cover.

John worked long and hard on this piece of art, and all the effort shows. We're hoping this very different look helps the collection reach a different audience than the one the first two books enjoyed.

It's not just an omnibus.

Having both One Jump Ahead and Slanted Jack in an over-sized paperback format at a price lower than the sum of the cost of the two paperbacks would be enough of a reason to buy this volume, but we didn't stop there. Oh, no. We went for more.

How much more?

Five new essays that link the pieces of fiction in a new narrative flow.

These essays tell how the books came to be and reveal a few Jon & Lobo secrets never before available in print.

The first Jon Moore short story, now back in print after 27 years.

Short of buying a used copy of the book that contained it, there's been no way to read "My Sister, My Self" in all that time. Now you can.

The first solo Lobo tale--and it's a Christmas story!

It's not just a Christmas story, either. It's a Christmas story that

* is from Lobo's perspective

* fits into the chronology of the Jon & Lobo future universe (you have to read it to see where it fits)

* pays homage to multiple Christmas story conventions and traditions

* is positively Dickensian in many ways

* is respectful of Christianity

* contains a serious meditation on the nature of God--by Lobo, and in an entertaining way
Let's face it: This book is a bargain!

Its list price is twelve bucks, and you can get it for a little over eight on Amazon. For that low price, you receive over 242,000 words of material!

Let's face it: This sucker would be a deal at twice the price.

I hope you enjoy it when it appears!

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