Wednesday, January 20, 2010

On the road again: Boston, day 8

Boston was cold when we boarded the plane, so the pilots apparently decided the passengers would enjoy some heat. A lot of heat. And then more heat. I sweated the entire flight home, though feeling awful didn't stop me from working.

I'm in The U of Power now and vastly more comfortable. Raleigh was beautiful today--so of course I got to see very little of it. Tomorrow, the high temperature plunges twenty degrees. I can already hear the jokes about us bringing the Boston weather home with us.

I have a great deal to do, so I'm keeping this short. Before I go, though, I thought I'd share with you a video clip that has made me laugh every day of this trip; yes, I watched it daily.


I've not watched Better Off Ted, though I had planned to do so. These outtakes just gave me one more reason to try the show.

Oh, yeah: If your humor is not as sick (or raunchy) as mine, I apologize--and suggest you may not want to watch this video.

I warned you.


Ticia said...

There went your PG-13 rating.

J. Griffin Barber said...

My head hurts, I laughed so hard... Some I hadn't even heard before- A feat, given my love of the insult and profession.

Man-matress. That is simply sublime.

Mark said...

I had used a few words before, and I did warn folks about the language.

Mark said...

Griffin, it hurt me, too. I was also amazed to learn new insults.

J. Griffin Barber said...

I think I need to write some of them down, they are so good.


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