Tuesday, January 19, 2010

On the road again: Boston, day 7

As usual, I can't write much about a travel day that consisted primarily of PT work. Sorry about that. Don't worry, though; there's plenty to come.

A sad thing happened yesterday, but I didn't learn about it until today. I'll explain further in a second entry that I'll post right after this one.

Dinner tonight was at Italian restaurant Sorellina. Our food was good but no more. The desserts were a bit above average, but not great. Overall, I doubt I'd bother to go back, but I wouldn't hate it if I found myself there.

I learned late today that as of 10:00 p.m., the hotel was turning off the water in one wing of one floor of the hotel: mine. It seems a valve went bad, and to fix it, which the hotel powers that be decided they must do tonight, they had to turn off the water to these rooms until five a.m.

Did they offer to move to new rooms the poor folks this repair affected?


Did they offer to reduce the room rate for the night?


So, in the best Animal House spirit, I decided it was time for a truly senseless action, and I was the right person to take that action.

Thus, to exact a small measure of very passive revenge, when I needed to use the rest room--which required a trek to the second-floor public area, down an escalator, and in front of a large open walkway, I chose this outfit. In case you're wondering, my ensemble includes my infamous green tie-dyed shorts, my faded Science Magic Sex shirt, and, of course, the lovely dark socks and dark leather shoes.

Hey, you take your fun where you can find it.


Michelle said...

Boy, that will show them to turn off your water! Those shorts are hideous, please tell your readers they were a gift and you didn't actually purchase them yourself.

Mark said...

They were indeed a gift.

Todd said...

This is something I would do. I think I enjoyed your tag of "I am a fashion god" even more.

Mark said...

Thanks. Kindred souls...a scary prospect for the fashion-conscious everywhere.


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