Friday, January 22, 2010

A cool Arisia moment

I ducked into the con suite one afternoon to get a snack prior to settling down to eat. Sitting on the opposite side of the room, unaware I was there, a person was reading Slanted Jack. I had long wished to have the experience of seeing someone in a random public setting read one of my books, and in that moment, I got that wish.

Now, in the interest of full disclosure, I must note that the person who was reading was a friend, the lovely and talented costumer and dancer, Susan de Guardiola. (For her site with book and related info, go here.) To the best of my knowledge, however, she was simply reading the book.

So, did I handle this with a calm, quiet, authorial demeanor? Of course...not. I ran to my room, grabbed a spare copy of the Overthrowing Heaven hardback (which I had for use in the later Baen party; don't worry, I did have others), and signed it to her and presented it to her. I explained why I'd done that, and she noted that now if she reviewed any of my books, she'd have to disclose that I'd given her a free volume; I think that's only reasonable.

By the way, please don't think this trick will work again. I'd hate to go to a con and have everyone carrying copies of my books and reading them in public places, all in the hopes that I would reward them with free books, because I'd go broke doing so. Hmmm...if a whole con of people wanted to do it just once, however, and without any expectations, that would be okay. Nah, that would be past okay, even past peachy, all the way to awesome. Just a thought.


Andrew said...

Ha! I'll have to hold a sign up since I read your ebooks!

That's an awesome story.

J. Griffin Barber said...

If you took public transit, you might see more of your work being read:

Since meeting you in October, I have seen one person with your work on BART, three with one of John's books, and five of Dave's readers.

I think those numbers are good, relative to the actual number of titles each of you has out there.

Anonymous said...

congratulations! i hope you enjoy the warm-fuzzy from that one for at least a week. :)

- lisa

Mark said...

Andrew, that would be cool.

Griffin, that's neat to know. Thanks.

Lisa, I don't think I can enjoy any writing-related warm fuzzy for an entire evening--though I'd be willing to find out by, say, winning a Hugo [grin].


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