Monday, January 18, 2010

On the road again: Boston, day 6 - Arisia, day 4

Today was a work day in con clothing. I did at least get a moderate amount of sleep, which was a lovely treat. Some work followed, then a quick lunch at Trident, a little bookstore and cafe that I quite like.

From there I scurried back to the con and was a member of a panel on businesses and business ethics in the future. I'd hoped we would focus primarily on alternative ways to create businesses in the future, but instead we stayed nearer to the topic of ethics. The audience was small, 15 or so, but hardy and quite involved, so the discussion stayed lively throughout the hour.

After much more work came a delight: dinner at one of my favorite Boston restaurants, No. 9 Park. The meal was, as always there, excellent and is so far the best I've eaten this trip.

The con is winding down; only one dead dog party and the con suite remain open. I'm going to walk to clear my head, then turn my attention to writing. At this stage of a novel, I can never get enough writing time, because improving what's there is so much easier than throwing down the words the first time. Plus, it's cool to be reading the book, even though it's in rough shape and my edits are numerous and necessary. To it I go!

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