Wednesday, November 4, 2009

An update on Children No More

The most common questions I received from fans at the World Fantasy Con related to the fourth Jon & Lobo book, the one I'm writing now: Children No More. So, I thought I'd answer the main ones here, in case others are interested.

What's happening with the book?

I'm writing it.

Are you stuck?

Nope. I write each day, and each day it gets a little longer.

What's taking you so long?

It's a hard book, a very emotionally demanding one, and one that took me a long time to get my head around. Plus, I have a day job and a lot of other commitments.

When will you finish it?

When I'm done. No, I'm not trying to be rude; I don't know the date.

When will it appear?

It will be Baen's lead hardcover in August, 2010. You should be able to buy the eARC about six months earlier.

What's the plot?

I won't tell you. Sorry, but I don't do that.

How long will it be?

However long it ends up being. Seriously, I have no length goal. I'm guessing around 100K words, but that's purely a guess.


Yeah, I know that's not a lot of data, but it's what I have and/or am willing to share.

Now, back to writing.


Michael said...

I didn't realize that you still had a 'day job' in addition to your writing. Care to share with us what you do?

Mark said...

Sure, though the data is also on my site's Who is he? page. I'm the co-founder and CEO of Principled Technologies. So, I'm always crazy busy.


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