Tuesday, November 3, 2009

On the road again: World Fantasy Con, day 8

I'm on the plane from SFO to DFW and have done all the catch-up email work that I can. I'm really missing that in-flight bandwidth now, but so it goes. Today is all about travel--driving, walking, flying, walking, flying, walking, and driving again--so it's not particularly interesting. More to the point, I don't want it to be interesting; the more predictable and routine air travel is, the better.

The most important event since my last entry was dinner at The French Laundry, Thomas Keller's original restaurant and still, at least to me, the mothership of his many operations. This place is sufficiently legendary in foodie circles that it's almost impossible for a meal there to live up to the restaurant's reputation for perfection, inventiveness, and, above all else, wonderful food--yet, our dinner did. In the over four and a half hours we were there, the service was always impeccable and, when necessary, accommodating; the food was so good that the worst bite was better than anything I taste in a typical day; and the culinary surprises were many, including a few Brussels sprouts bites that I actually liked. I didn't think that was possible.

During the dinner, Chantrelle, who operates foodporn.com, interviewed me for a piece that she'll be posting on her site sometime soon. (When I'm aware it's up, I'll let you know.) We ran through a bunch of her standard questions for writers who are also foodies, and we also covered a lot of other topics. I have no idea what she'll write, but I had a fun time talking with her and everyone else at the table.

I certainly cannot afford--in either money or calories--to eat at The French Laundry often, but I will return there any chance I get. It was an amazing meal in which the real thing proved to be every single bit as wonderful as its legend.


I'm finishing and then posting this entry from a plane that is descending to RDU as I type. I'm making a leap of faith in this posting, because the plane could always crash. Dave would argue that there are plenty of asteroids awaiting us, and one could take down this aircraft, but I'm opting to believe in a happy ending for this flight.

A coupon made the bandwidth on this plane free, so I was able to catch up on work while in the air. Technology is sometimes grand. Perhaps tonight I will be able to get a decent amount of sleep. That would be lovely.


Ticia said...

Will there be a picture blog commemorating French Laundry?

Mark said...

Perhaps. Haven't decided yet.

Todd said...

Very sad I couldn't make it - I was trying to lease out my condo and needed to meet people. Unfortunately it was a waste of time and I would have been better served by coming down. Dammit.

Mark said...

Todd, I'm sorry I didn't get a chance to meet you.


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