Monday, November 2, 2009

On the road again: World Fantasy Con, day 7

Dinner last night was my first meal in one of Keller's newer establishments, Ad Hoc, where the motto is, "for temporary relief from hunger." The emphasis here is on comfort food, with everything served family style and a single menu with no options. We had squash salad, Catalan beef stew, a cheese and fruit course, and poached pears and ice cream. It was all very good, even the squash salad (and I am no squash fan, to put it mildly), with the stew simply outstanding. The casual atmosphere was fun and relaxing.

Lunch today continued the Keller theme, as we ate at Bouchon, a French-style bistro where I have eaten once before, many years ago. We grazed by sampling sides and appetizers, and as one would expect, it was all wonderful.

The hours between meals were entirely work, the beauty and the curse of the modern world being that one is never unable to do sales calls and email. Still, I am currently one hundred percent up to date, which is good heading into a day filled with travel.

Tomorrow, I will report on dinner at the Keller mothership: The French Laundry.

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