Thursday, November 26, 2009

Sarah alters reality

To many people today, including, unfortunately, a huge number of young students, the source for all knowledge, the definition of our consensual reality. is wikipedia. I find this frightening.

What's even more scary, however, is how easy it is to alter this particular reality.

While at the State Fair, Sarah asked what the folds hanging under a Brahman cow's neck were. I said they were called "briefcase folds," because there was enough leather there to make a briefcase. Amazingly, Sarah bought it for a few minutes--ah, the power of fatherhood!--and felt a bit betrayed when I finally admitted it was all a fiction.

Apparently, however, she's decided to spread that betrayal into the online consensual reality, because you can now see that very term in this wikipedia entry on the dewlaps of many animals.

I know I should discourage such behavior, and I realize I should probably have a fatherly talk with Sarah about playing such games, but right now I'm too busy laughing my ass off. Like father, like daughter. Hell, yeah!

(If the words "briefcase folds" aren't on the above page when you visit it, the wikipedia police caught Sarah. I'm sure she's sorry, and I doubt she'll do it again anytime soon.)

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Marjorie said...

::snort:: Love it! Go Sarah!!


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