Saturday, October 10, 2009

The Signing: A Horror Story

The crowd gathers, pensive, angry, hungry.

The ringmaster urges them to stay calm. The sacrifice is coming. Their blood lust will be appeased.

Some ponder his advice and contemplate the treat to come, the mere thought of spectacle bringing joy and laughter.

Others are less trusting and withhold judgment.

The creature appears! Drugged and stupid, it makes an easy target for the crowd.

Recovering from its sedated state, the creature feigns nonchalance while frantically searching the ground for escape tunnels.

It finds none.

Its panic growing, the sacrifice suggests a smaller subject might be easier to manage.

The crowd will have none of it.

In a final desperate act, the creature attempts to bribe the blood-lusting mob with shiny objects.

Success! The crowd accepts the sacrificial substitutes...

...requiring only that he inscribe each of them with his blood.

The creature chortles in triumph, for he has escaped fate...

this time.

(Thanks to Gina for the photos.)

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