Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Portland in November

I'm going to be in Portland, Oregon on business the week of November 16. I've never done a signing in that city, so if anyone reading this entry lives in that area and would like to help me set up something there, please drop me a line.

Speaking of travel, my life is about to involve a lot of it, because between now and then I'll also be at two cons (see my Appearances page for the basic info). I'll write more about those trips and the associated conventions later, but suffice to say that both should be quite interesting.

I'm cutting this short tonight because it's late, I cannot possibly finish all of the day's leftover work in time to hit my extremely late target bedtime, and more writing awaits. Before all that, however, is one fun task: choosing what to read tomorrow at Quail Ridge Books. Whatever shall I pick....

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