Friday, September 11, 2009

Random thoughts on Friday, 9/11

On the morning walk, I couldn't help but notice that here and there on neighborhood trees the green is giving way to yellow and brown. I'm not ready yet for the season to change.

This day still gets to me, and all I did was watch on TV like millions and millions of other people. Flying past Manhattan six days later is still vivid in my memory. My heart has hurt all day today.

It doesn't matter how hard you work for your art or how much you suffer or what it costs you. In the end, the art must stand alone.

I hope to do parts of Science Magic Sex in San Francisco at the Borderlands signing and maybe all of it a few more times at cons. If Balticon has me do another spoken-word show, I will probably write a new one. Working title: Wake Up Horny, Wake Up Angry. Don't ask.

I admire many people of faith who hold true to their beliefs. I do not, however, think that this particular page, which Sarah brought to my attention, is doing anyone any good. Best passage: "However, it appears that Satan is behind the whole health care debate. He is not interested in free enterprise."


John Lambshead said...

Satan wants Americans to have a better health service and longer lives? This must mean that Americans are Satan's chosen people.....

Prepare the missiles and garlic, foam, jibber, nurse - the screens...


Mark said...

The implications, like the rest of the piece, were very clearly not well considered.


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