Tuesday, September 22, 2009

On the road again: San Francisco, day 5

Today was work, work, and more work, so there's not a lot I can discuss. Lunch was with an old friend and colleague, which was very nice. Dinner was with colleagues at Restaurant Lulu, where the food was tasty but the architecture was better; the redesigned warehouse is a lovely space. I also liked watching the wood-burning rotisserie, the flames from the burning wood cooking the meat but never touching it. Fire can be quite mesmerizing.

Do you have any movies that you intellectually understand are bad but that you deeply love nonetheless? I certainly do. I caught the last ten minutes of one of mine, Streets of Fire, on TV the other night in the hotel. Everything about this skiffy-feeling, retro, rock fable is wrong, but the resulting mash-up charms me every time. Plus, the soundtrack is amazing--though much of it in the overwrought-but-still-works-for-me way of much of Jim Steinman's work. Simply catching the ending made me smile.

My mother was right: I really am easily amused.

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Michelle said...

I will say it again, rock operas rule and Jim Steinmean is king. Who couldn't love a movie soundtrack that included "One Bad Stud" and "Hold That Snake" (Ry Cooder, we know you are) and "Nowhere Fast"? And, you aren't the only one who just feels good hearing the last song "Tonight Is What It Means To Be Young"? Schmaltzy, silly, overblown, okay, but you just have to grab your mic and sing along.


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