Sunday, August 2, 2009

Why I wore the cone suit

Ticia, my Balticon handler and now friend, posted a comment on yesterday's Cone man entry and my "I am stupid" label. In that comment, which for your ease of reference I've replicated here, she asked a couple of questions.

"I am stupid" is a bit harsh.

The pictures are great, but I sense a story behind the donning of said costume.

Did you lose a bet?

Were you forced to sing the "Nothing" song from "A Chorus Line"?
No, I did not lose a bet.

No, I did not have to sing the "Nothing"--or any other--song.

The reason I was cone man is the same as the reason for the "I am stupid" label: I wanted to wear the cone.

You see, I have the kind of mind that, as Russell Brand commented in a stand-up routine we saw at the beach, sees a situation and wants to do something inappropriate. The moment I saw the cone man suit, I thought, I wonder what's it like to be the cone, and then immediately after that, I want to be the cone.

Unfortunately for those around me, I also have the kind of mind that leads me to act on such impulses.

Hence the cone man appearance--and the label.

I didn't even show you the pictures of me working the parking lot for business for the ice cream store, hugging my kids and friends, or making some of them dance with me. See, I do have some self-control.


vampi said...

ah...but now we know they exist, and i'm sure our imaginations are worse than anything you could have done...

Mark said...

Almost certainly true, which if kinda fun.

Scott said...

It's always good to have a back up if business slows down! But you have to do the Macarena to really make the big scoops (bucks)

Mark said...

Alas, I never learned that dance.

Ticia said...

I once taught an entire restaurant of strangers how to hang spoons from their noses, so I'm someone who can appreciate impulsive behavior.

I actually think it makes a better story than losing a bet.

And, I'm happy to report that I know The Macarena and would have no problems teaching it to you for future escapades.

Mark said...

I have also conducted that same spoon-hanging lesson; how much we have in common!

I do not, however, want to learn The Macarena. One must draw the line somewhere.


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