Wednesday, August 5, 2009

On the road again: Worldcon, Montreal, day 1

Two and a half hours of sleep for two nights in a row is not enough even for me. Still, after an overly long shower, I was able to become functional again and head off to the airport for an early flight. (Frequent readers know there's nothing I like more than an early flight.) Aside from a bad case of asshole-next-to-me in the Admirals Club and one guy smacking me in the face with the bag he was pulling down from the overhead storage, I have no right to complain about the trip. The planes took off and landed safely, the flight attendant (the same one on each flight) was great, and I'm safely in Montreal.

The late part of the afternoon included an hour lost to changing rooms due to a non-functioning Ethernet cable. It took me a long time to prove to the hotel's brain trust that it wasn't my notebook or anything other than the Ethernet connection, but once I had done so, their only recourse was to give me a new room, because repairing the connection is a multi-week process.
I then mixed con stuff (registration, helping set up Jain's art in the art show) and work to reasonable success. Jain's 3D art objects are wonderful, and the more she embraces the weird with them, the better they get. I hope fans here prove to be savvy enough to buy them all!

Dinner was an enjoyable couple of hours with Alan Beatts, Jude Feldman, and John Picacio. We talked books and writing and art and bad hotels and all manner of topics, and I had a lovely time.

Tomorrow, the panels start.


Sarah said...

I am glad your flights went well! Is it cold in Montreal?

Mark said...

It is not. The weather is lovely: mid 70s in the daytime, mid 50s at night. Short-sleeve shirts for me.


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