Sunday, July 26, 2009

Yes, we watched them all

The beach is, after all, not just for swimming and eating too much and relaxing. It's also for watching many hours of good--and bad--movies. In our case, the bad definitely might well have outnumbered the good, but in our defense all of the bad sounded promising, and a few actually proved to be real gems.

The one clear winner of the bunch was Twilight, which by at least my vote and Kyle's almost universal acclaim won the award for the single worst film we watched. Even Dolph Lundgren in the extremely bad Retrograde was better than the Twilight leads, though that was a close contest.

For those who like zombie movies, definitely catch Tokyo Zombie. It's not exactly a good film, but it's a great bad movie. For maximum comedic effect, watch it with both English dubbing and subtitles; the contrast between the two is often hilarious.


Michelle said...

Are you trying to say that Mega Shark vs Giant Octopus was better than Twilight??? The Cullen family will not be pleased. Be glad you live in a sunny state where they can't go and show you exactly how cool they are. Your zombie plan wouldn't stand a chance.

Mark said...

Yes, Mega Shark kicked Twilight's butt. A video of grass growing would kick Twilight's butt.

Kyle said...

Mega Shark was really no more than middling badness for the movies we watched. It didn't approach the depths of misery inflicted by Dolph Lundgren in Retrograde or Don "The Dragon" Wilson in The Last Sentinel. And those movies were both like freakin' Shakespeare compared to Twilight.

That said, watching the cast of Twilight being slowly devoured for ninety minutes by a giant shark would have been much better than either movie.

Mark said...


Sarah said...

I feel like I should mention that King of California was a genuine gem amongst these.

That said, Retrograde was unacceptably bad.

Mark said...

I agree on both fronts.


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