Thursday, July 30, 2009

An odd note about dates on this blog

I've been writing entries as time permits and then posting them basically one a day. Some days I'm ahead, others I'm behind. So it goes. I wanted to schedule the postings, but the Blogger scheduling mechanism appears not to be working. That left me with one option: save posts as drafts, then give them an edit and post them when it's time.

I've been doing that, but it's not working.

Apparently, Blogger will give as its timestamp the moment when you first draft any part of an entry, not when you finally post it. Worse, it will order entries in the blog by the timestamp of that first draft effort. Thus, the entry about Scott and MCC is now below the one on my first day back--even though I published the first day back entry earlier.

I find this frustrating, and I apologize for any date confusion on entries. The good news is that though I consider this timestamp behavior to be a bug, there is an option that claims to let me set the timestamp for each post. We'll see if it works, and if so I'll manually correct this odd behavior.

Tomorrow: Some fun news about Children No More.

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