Monday, July 27, 2009

Mr. Creepy Cone takes the high ground

No sooner did we get him home than this short but freaky rascal found his way onto the top of the kitchen cabinets. With The Eared One holding sway in Sarah's room, the top two floors of the house are now infested with demonic figurines. Only the basement is safe--and if you've ever been here, you know it's not really safe down there, not at all.

Initially, I had no objection to Mr. Creepy Cone going for such a defensively strong position; it only made good sense. In fact, I had to give it props for its choice.

Soon, though, it used that position and its special powers to put Scott in its thrall. Here's poor Scott, large knife in hand, receiving instructions, which only he can hear, from Mr. Creepy Cone.

I wasn't really concerned, however, until Mr. Creepy Cone suddenly darkened the room, Scott still under his control.

Now, I fear an intervention is in order--though a very careful one, for that is a Ken Onion Shun blade and very, very sharp indeed.

Wish me luck.

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