Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Things that piss me off

Wimpy pants hangers.

Which seem to be all pants hangers.

I like pants hangers. I don't iron, so my approach to wrinkle removal is to hang my pants by their cuffs so they can more or less stretch out their wrinkles. Pants also consume less closet space this way and generally look tidier.

The problem is that sometimes you have to hang a very thin pair of dress pants, other times you have to hang jeans, and pants hangers seem unable to cope with this range of fabric thickness. So, once you've used a hangar for jeans, it doesn't hold thin pants well. After a while, normal clothing rotation means no pants hanger in the house can hold dress pants.

You may wonder why a guy who's never been accused of having a fashion sense will go on so much about stupid hangers. The answer is the painful comedy routine that goes like this:

1) Notice a pair of business pants hanging in the closet has almost slipped out of its hanger.

2) Try to fix this pair by reaching into the hangers and pulling up these pants.

3) In the process, dislodge another pair of dress pants, which then fall to the floor.

4) Pick up that pair and reach for its hanger.

5) Dislodge the initial pair.

6) Repeat until all dress pants are on the floor or in your arms, in which case they'll end up on the floor anyway and in the course of trying to pick up all of them while angry you'll stand too quickly, knock your head into the closet pole, grab for support as you're falling, instead grasp a pants hanger, and collapse in a heap among the pants, still clutching the useless first hanger.
Not that this has happened to me. I've just heard about other people suffering this sad fate, and I want to help them. That's all.


Anonymous said...


Mark said...

The first two are the style I like, so perhaps when my current work craziness is over I shall order two and try them. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

do you hang your jeans the same way? or by the waistband? i had that problem hanging m.'s jeans and my travel pants to dry after laundering - hanging them all by the waist meant the jeans were a lot thicker (especially with belt loops).

i tried hanging the jeans by the cuffs to reduce fabric thickness, and i think it would have worked if i could have remembered to do it consistently. eventually i gave up and switched to two-clip hangers, which don't seem to have the stretch-out problem at all.

- lisa

Mark said...

I hang all pants by the cuffs, but I have to admit that on some trips I would put two pairs of pants in one hanger. Whatever the cause, the stretch-out problem is all around me. I may have to switch to two-clip hangers, but I would prefer using a single-clip one that is as hard to open as a stiff crossbow.

Anonymous said...

I just staple mine to my walls.


Mark said...

Nice idea!

Maria said...

Oh just get used to wrinkles. Wash them and leave them stretched flat on the floor, one atop the other or folded in half in a dresser.

The older you get, the harder wrinkles are to see anyway.

Or buy smaller pants--that way you'll kind of stretch out the wrinkles as you're wearing them.

Mark said...

Smaller pants are less appealing than putting them on the floor, but the latter requires more floor space than I'm willing to devote to the cause.


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