Sunday, July 5, 2009

More on the Fourth

A few folks have been kind enough to share some of their photos of yesterday's fireworks party.

Steve Burnett sent me copies of these three photos, which nicely capture some of the fireworks in the sky and, in the last picture, from the ground view.

Dave, who also does the thankless job of cleaning up after the show, donated this shot of the assembled wreckage; the chair provides a sense of scale.

Finally, for a collection of lovely photos by Paul Cory, check out his flickr page for the party (a link he also provided in a comment to yesterday's entry). From some of Paul's pictures I think you can get a reasonable sense of the scale of the show.

It was awesome, and I thank these folks for capturing images of parts of it.


Michelle said...

Great pictures. It looks like it was an amazing show. Thanks for sharing! You should consider doing it on New Year's Eve as well....

Mark said...

Thanks for the kind words. Once a year, I'm afraid, is all I can manage.


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