Thursday, May 14, 2009

There will be merch

I've mentioned before the Science Magic Sex spoken-word show I'll be doing as one of the Balticon special events. I've also mentioned there might be tour shirts. Well, that possibility has turned real: at Balticon (and afterward) you will be able to buy your very own Science Magic Sex merch.

I'll have pictures as soon as we receive the shirts, but trust me that Jennie did a pretty sweet red and white design that we're having printed on these black garments of awesomeness. Wearing one of these babies will make you taller and slimmer, cure migraines, and improve your sexual prowess. Okay, okay, maybe it won't do any of those things, but you'll certainly own a cool shirt you won't see on just anyone.

You can have your very own for the remarkable price of fifteen bucks--and all profit will go to Reading Is Fundamental, Balticon's favorite charity.

If you're going to the con, come to the show, laugh your ass off at my insanity, and then buy a nifty shirt--and help a good cause in the process.

I'll be easy to spot: I'll be the guy on the stage with the microphone.

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