Monday, March 23, 2009

On the road again: CoastCon, day 4

I'm home, and I'm exhausted. I got very little sleep at this con, but I did have many good times. This morning, I did two back-to-back panels, one with Toni Weisskopf on nanotechnology and one with Diana Rowland on mystery in SF. Both drew small but attentive crowds, and I enjoyed them, though I fear I talked too much.

I hope to be home for the next few weeks, polish off the page proofs of Overthrowing Heaven, nail down the outline of Children No More, and get cracking on that baby. I'm past ready to be writing it.


Anonymous said...

As if you don't have enough...

Children No More is a Jon&Lobo series novel, right?

Do you have plans for any books outside of the series?

Mark said...

Yes, CNM is the fourth in the series and a very important book (at least to me).

I am editing an urban fantasy anthology and will have a story in it. I hope to spring that story into a new novel series.

I also have 38K words of a thriller and the complete outline for that book, so I hope to get back to that.

I also have a series I'd like to write, an SF set, whose first book would be called Hero Boy.

Yeah, I have lots of plans--just not enough time.


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