Saturday, August 30, 2008

A magnificent storm

The lightning and the thunder preceded the storm by only seconds, and then the rain slammed into the roof and the skylights over my office like a percussion band launching into a march. It was awesome. I had to stop working and simply enjoy the sound and light show.

After about fifteen minutes, I couldn't stand being inside any longer, so I grabbed an umbrella, ran downstairs, recruited Sarah, and out into the downpour we went. Our feet and shoes and Sarah's long pants were soaked in seconds, but none of that mattered. We stood in the middle of the pounding rain and basked in it. We then walked up the driveway to the cul de sac so we could enjoy the storm without any of the trees blocking it.

Holden hates the storm, as does Shibori, who is visiting as she does most Saturdays. We reassured them, gave them a little love, and then returned to what we were doing as the rain moved on.

Playing in the rain, even mild playing like this, where you don't get completely soaked, is a form of fun most grown-ups have forgetten. What a shame. I'm sure glad I went and played in this storm.

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